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The web page damanohandmade.comis an e-commerce shop and is in the ownership of Maria Damanaki, based at Platonos 49, 11147 Gatatsi Greece with the telephone number +30 210 2221619  and e-mail address: [email protected].

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General Terms

The site reserves the right to change and adjust the Terms of use and terms of transaction for this e-shop whenever considered right. It is obliged to inform the visitors of any change via this site.

Information and Products

The site guarantees to inform fully and honestly regarding all the provided content, as well as product and service descriptions. Though damanohandmade.com has no responsibility of mistakes that may occur due to human factor mistakes and is obliged to correct any inaccuracy as soon as it is acknowledged.

Limitation of responsibility

The site damanohandmade.comis not responsible for any damage that may occur due to order cancellation, not fulfilled orders, delayed orders for whatever cause. It does not guarantee the availability of the presented products, but is obliged to inform the interested customer about their availability on request as well as changes in the products’ characteristics, after informing it does not carry any  further responsibility.

Thee-commerce site provides content (information, names, and images) of the offered products and services as they are. In no case is damanohandmade.com legally or morally responsible for any damage (positive, negative, loss of profit etc.) that may occur to visitors of the site or third parties that occur due to operation and/or not operation of the e-commerce site, its use or inability to provide specific products or services as well as unauthorised third party use of products, services and/or information.

Intellectual property

The content of this e-commerce site belongs to the owner Maria Damanaki – Da Mano who reserves any right not expressively granted here. Every right of Intellectual property of this web site belong to damanohandmade.com. By accessing this site you agree to accept the above.

Trade Marks

The content of the website damanohandmade.com as well as the logo Da Mano are in the ownership of Μαρία Δαμανάκη - DaMano. Accessing this page should not be perceived in anyway as a license to use any symbols, logos, images or other content without prior written permission given by the owner.

Links at: www.damanohandmade.com

Links included in this site redirect to other pages inside the e-shop and, in some cases, to other websites of service providers, businesses etc.. Those pages are not under damanohandmade.com’s control and we have no responsibility of their content and operation.  Damanohandmade.com provides those links only for the visitor’s convenience and he is not obliged to use them. It is also not stated thereby that damanohandmade.com accepts or fully agrees with their content.


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Transaction Security

Damanohandmade.com is committed to securing the safety and integrity of the data collected regarding the users of its e-commerce site. It has established a process that protects the private data provided by its users and that process protects the data from any unauthorized access, revelation, loss or inappropriate use, change or destruction. Italsohelpsverifyingthatalldataisaccurate and in proper use. You connection to the site is secure because we use SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer). SSL technologyis based on a key code that encrypts data before sending it via the SSL connection. The security check between the data and the server is based on this unique key code.

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